Shinsekai yori Episode 18 Discussion

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Shinsekai yori Episode 18 Discussion

Post  yumekichi11 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:42 am

After seeing this a second time and not being delusional I have rather intense RAGE! WTF is this BS for real. This unreal. Maria and Mamoru got killed for real. I mean I can’t even apply my theorem I realized no matter almost what.

About my theorem on why it might have been possible for Maria/Mamoru to live on, I was thinking Mamoru evolved his Cantus or Maria perhaps in to acquiring Shape-shifting and cloning somehow. Thus in fear could have cloned themselves to fool squealer or at the very least to fool all of their death. By doing so the DNA and Denture fooling could have been possible and the belief they are alive out there.

About the reality, well reality sucks shit! With all the signs pointing that the death is more real than a joke I slowly realized my hatred. DEATH TO THE RATS AND TO ALL WHO ASSOCIATE WITH THEM! WTF! How could Maria and Mamoru die even. This is not thinkable. I still can’t believe. SOMEONE PROVE IT TO ME THEY ARE DEAD! Were is the LN passages to has more details of this? This could be the only shot and the manga might detail WTF happens. If anything it’s the following,

Whom comes from:
Whom is pretty much head on. The reason I site it is cause the rat mostly learned this from that library shit I call it. It really is a big shit that gave huge amount of power to the Rats. After all Knowledge = Power.

IMO Maria was already at the Moth Colony and treated with death to hide for the time being. Gradually she let her guard down perhaps after sometime of having a kid with Mamoru. The kid was taken and this:
Was possible to learn from the library shit. I infer strongly from the notion of Third Category of Class 4 forbidden documents says of catastrophe whom weapon building is told. Third category might also have other classes of weapon able technique like brainwashing. They did that to the kid in thinking it was the humans who killed his parents and easily make him into a killing machine. This goes back to what some said. However I think there is more to it.

About other references, IMO of other things learned by the Rats would be:
Linked with
While together both already can give out a nice set of brain food. Combined with:
Could have led to how the F the rats knew of camouflage and being in crowds while killing that person. Terrorism might another knowledge they got from the library.

About Third Category of Class 4 forbidden documents says of catastrophe whom weapon building is told, basically my thinking was to all in the room of the conference. Euh WTF are you doing. RED ALERT! NOW! Setup defence around. The groups of five should have been done before even any annihilation is told. In case they got this:
From the library shit. Just that notion makes them know all what is planned ahead.

So in not doing so Torigae Hiromi IS DEAD! GREAT SHIT LEADERS THERE ARE! Amazing really. This cost so many lives and so much shit that it’s incredible dumbfounded.

About Maria’s figure, in the spoiler (NSFW)
the explanation is perhaps that Maria conveyed a last appearance and got sent to Heavens with this guy? Looks logical to me but I still refuse to believe she is dead.

About thee end, well I am DAMN PISSED OFF! I WANT ALL THE RATS DEAD! ERASE THE RACE! On the anger makes me caps. Oh this is really bad to cap like this. I would go to all of Japan and make sure every spec of that race is dead. That’s all. Nothing more to add other than the first reaction. THE CREATOR IS STUPID! He should have never gotten Maria and Mamoru killed like that. They better show WTF happens to them before they die.

Show me the truth damn it! Creator man!

Third Category of Class 4 forbidden documents says of catastrophe whom weapon building is told.
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