Bogus Letter on Alien Invasion?

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Bogus Letter on Alien Invasion?

Post  yumekichi11 on Tue May 07, 2013 3:00 am

Dear infected and afflicted,

We are The Dropouts. We are Ephraim Gregory Nicholas Romanov Rasputin Moscovitch, fourth generation descendant of the formerly secret Romanov/Rasputin bloodline and Colonel Ryan J. Arlington, former Engineer for an unnamed Army unit based in a somewhat secret underground military base, whose location will remain secret, for now.

Ephraim is a high school dropout. All dropouts have their personal reasons for dropping out, but there is one commonality all dropouts share; realization of corruption and an exit. High school dropouts only lack the vocabulary to gracefully explain dropping out. The indoctrination of the New York City public school system prevents people from explaining themselves and restricts thinking. Only after dropping out did Ephraim learn how to effectively communicate. Dropouts know something is wrong, only sometimes they lack the education, diluted with tradition and training, limited by their very vocabulary, to be able to properly explain themselves.

Scholastic bureaucracy was built for multiplication of human monoculture and employment of teachers rather than enlightenment of students. Because of training rather than instruction, because they learn the truth about conditions and how they’ve been lied to about conditions dropouts bailout. All dropouts know something is wrong, intuitively or exactly, and perform the only moral act at their disposal.

After dropping out one can begin asking and answering real questions. We are wet from the immersion in total institutionalization and dehumanization, whether NYC public education or the military. Dropouts are just people whose morality and curiosity eventually engage. Dropouts realize wrong and act on it. The education system is institutionalization comparable to prison and the military is the same only more direct about it. Dropouts realize something is wrong with the dutiful induction of future prisoners and future minders raising their hands to answer questions in class and salute the brass, so they bail.

Colonel Ryan J. Arlington dropped out from the highest echelon of the global military industrial complex. He dropped out much later in life and from a much higher position than Ephraim, but for the same reasons; corruption and wrongdoing. The Colonel was a high level operative whose clearance was so high, he didn’t have an official clearance, nor did he have a true rank or serial number, nor was his unit ever named as existent. In fact the unit operates so secretively there is no official record of The Colonel at all, in the military or otherwise. For The Colonel to dropout he had to go AWOL from black ops. We both felt the same though, we were enabling wrong and had to leave. Currently we are being hunted down by the very global military industrial complex to which The Colonel gave over thirty years of his life.

They want to kill us because we’re dropouts who know secrets. We are privy to the most diabolical series of secrets to ever concern humanity, at any time, ever before. Because of what we know about the threats to humanity’s existence, our existence is threatened. Because our existence is threatened we are revealing what we know publicly.

Dropouts are far more trustworthy than your average authoritarian copout, credentialed bowout or intellectual sellout. Dropouts are unofficial and unaccredited. As noted we are being hunted by killing machines of great capability. We have nothing to lose. But more importantly, as dropouts, we have nothing to gain. That’s why you can trust dropouts, because they have nothing to gain.

People are trained to ignore unofficial dropouts as baseless. These same people lend complete trust to official copouts, bowouts and sellouts and revere collegiate or corporate credentials, but these aren’t evidence of honesty, but commitment to lies. If you spend any time out from under the wing of the institutions you know it takes honesty and integrity to dropout. No degree reflects honesty, however dropping out is indicative of some measure of it. It takes higher mental focus and more acute awareness to dropout. To live outside the box you have to be more observant and to survive you have to be honest. Dropouts are the realest people on Earth. Jesus was a dropout, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. too.

Being a dropout is a serious qualification. We dropped out because the war perpetuated by the global military industrial complex. Being enlisted in war or local law enforcement is the only growing industry on the planet today. Becoming a pair of muted boots in the global military industrial complex and stepping on people at the whim of strangers is the easy way to earn a living and get benefits today. It’s a copout. Anybody can get a job working for the biggest industry on the planet, as long as you adopt legality and throw out morality.

It takes real honesty to go against the grain. Signing up with uniformed bullies in support of the global military industrial complex is easy, but it’s a lie. Dropping out and living one’s life following the Golden Rule is always difficult, but especially now in an economy based on indiscreet war. But it’s honest. The world is set up for lying copouts, bowouts and sellouts. And dropouts are usually well positioned to be grinded up by the machinery and alternatively are normally the only ones to stand up to it.

The machinery of war and terror, the terror and war of today, one endlessly resulting in the other, feeds the copouts, bowouts and sellouts. Just as the drug war builds the prison system, produces motivation for contraband gangs and pushes half of society to conclude pharmaceutical escape is a decent choice after all, even if it’s illegal. The global war on terror leads to buildup of the war machines, terrorists and terrorism. And all war leads to environmental destruction and decay. All war enslaves all people, all war is war on humanity and earth itself. The insider exploits of the Roman, Jewish and corporate conspirators inspired Jesus to curse the military industrial complex of two thousand years ago. Dropouts toss tables.

They are lying to you. That’s what Jesus said too. Practically everything you know is a lie. And practically every lie is related to the concealment of the bloody web that is the global military industrial complex. It’s all a lie, an act to conceal wars horrors and inspire enlistment. Everything you know and everything you thought was education and valuable tradition was all just training to compel you to like what you do; keeping your place in the pyramid system that holds down the many to benefit the few. Yet all the lies and corrupt conspiracies weaved by the oligarchies of the global military industrial complex for the last two thousand years are all relatively unimportant to our current quandary. It’s bigger than that

Ephraim is a dropout from a family of royal exiles. He is the direct descendant of Olga Romanov and Gregory Rasputin. Because of his birthright, he was told secrets. Because of the Colonel’s military experience he was granted access to secrets as well. When put together the secrets formed an understanding of the world more complete than any before and of a situation more complex than any before. Together we possessed an understanding of the world history and the possible future.

Ephraim’s biggest secret, which became near trivial after learning of the affronting dilemma The Colonel was burdened with, has been kept secret for millennia by very powerful cabals and kingdoms, including the Romanovs. The secret was implemented by royalty and leaders in religions, despots, cults, aristocracies, corporations and democratic governments alike, to control people and benefit from that control. The secret is not a political trick to hold people down, it’s an ancient biological one.

The secret is a fluke. The secret is the human fluke and the ongoing parasitic behavior modification of mankind. The human fluke has been our constant companion, always reducing the human narrative. Nearly everyone has been infected at one point or another and somewhere in the neighborhood of eighty-five percent of people are hosts at any given time. The parasitic predicament influences individuals and collectives, and has done so throughout history. Practically all children are exposed to it and many never rid themselves of the affliction. Some people live their entire life never knowing anything but a steady stream of near unconsciousness as a host, subject to and acting out parasitic impulses. The millennia long subjection to parasitic behavior modification has shaped the world.

There are numerous human flukes resulting in varying severity of infection. Yet all the human flukes live in one of two ways, resulting in one of two extremes of modified behavior. The first form, the slightly more common type, is bacterial dependent flukes. The second form is the fungal dependent fluke. The flukes utilize and essentially cocoon themselves within bacterial or fungal clusters. The clusters and flukes attach to the nervous system. The bacterial dependent infestations result in tolerant, passive behavior, like sheep. The fungal infections result in scheming, aggressive behavior, like coyotes.

This parasitic predicament, as with everything in nature, results in balance, and in this case so as to form an eloquent dis-symbiosis. The different parasites develop an interdependent balance with the bacterial and fungal clusters as well as their human hosts, and more complexly, they relate to each other through modifying the behavior of their hosts. The parasitically guided interaction between the sheepish and coyote-like is traditionally viewed as some sort of right wing/left wing constant, but it is actually the result of a population under biological duress. Parasitic behavior modification results in outright evil or total toleration of outright evil. The behavior of eighty-five percent originates not from themselves, but from the human fluke inside them.

The flukes are frequently mistaken for tumors or cysts by both ignorant and insistent physicians. They normally attach themselves to the spinal cord near the base of the neck and through the bacterial or fungal clusters leech sustenance from the host. Eventually they effectively control their human hosts through primordial impulses.

The tolerant, passive, oblivious and bullied, those who seek to be controlled in order to survive are host to bacterial dependent flukes. The authoritarian and selfish, those who place themselves above all else, with a reckless abandon as it concerns their surroundings and others, those who seek to control in order to survive, are host to fungal dependent flukes. The flukes, despite being among the lowest life forms in the universe, simply seek to survive and control their hosts simply as their only means to do so, but in the process they degrade the human condition.

Being severely skinny is indicative of fungal dependent flukes. Hosts to bacterial dependent flukes bloat. Otherwise there are no discernible physical symptoms. There are many alchemical antidotes. However all the diagnoses and treatments are unnecessarily risky. Alchemical cures involve calculations of quantity, potency and frequency of dose pertaining to the particular individual and the particular fluke, at that particular time and place. Mercury, cyanide and large quantities of gold are the active ingredients in these remedies. In appropriate dilution they can kill the parasites and leave the host unharmed. If the dilutions are off the parasite might strengthen or the host might die.

There are holistic cures too, secretively exchanged among nomads and monks, long utilized by those in the know. The parasites cannot survive in a host with a vegan diet. Massive amounts of almonds and apricots eaten in combination will kill the flukes. In stomach acid they produce therapeutic cyanide. Certain extracts of wormwood, tobacco and cloves can kill human flukes as well. However the exact quantities, modes of delivery or time and periods required for effectiveness are unknown. Practicing yoga or tai chi is said to hasten the results of holistic cures, but even still the apricots and almonds cure can take up to three months.

The only practical cure is contraband. It is the consumption of large quantities of, cannabis sativa, marijuana. It’s safe, quick and inexpensive, relieving the host of parasites in one or two weeks and just one dose will often loosen the parasitic grip. The reason marijuana is globally prohibited is because cannabinoids kill the flukes and those in power, those in the know use and foster the parasitic predicament for their own parasitic gains, adding to the complexity of the dis-symbiotic relationship of the fluke and man. Those in power have tried to eliminate knowledge of all cures and restrict access to the most reasonable one; marijuana.

Parasitic behavioral modification has influenced all of world history. People announce deductive reasoning for their actions and yet frequently, eighty-five percent of the time, foreign biological impulses are controlling their motivations. Scientists are well aware of parasitic behavior modification in the animal world, but most refuse to consider the possibility of human flukes. Others will openly acknowledge the possibility of infections however they won’t address it further. They can’t.

Of all the scientifically acknowledged behavior modifying parasites toxoplasma gondii is one of the most researched. It depends on felines to reproduce and as commonly understood, it doesn’t harm the cat, but mice and rats host to toxoplasma gondii lose their fear and every motivation for self-preservation. Rats infested with toxoplasma gondii choosing to bowout to cats. The rats have their own reasons for the undertaking, but the toxoplasma gondii is in control. And the cat kills the rat, according to the toxoplasma gondii plan.

Grasshoppers infested with spinochordodes tellinii individually conclude it’s sensible to jump into water, but it’s the worm’s plan to burst forth from out the drowning grasshopper and swim away. And in the same way ants taken over by ophiocordyceps unilateralis likely believe, in whatever capacity ants believe, they are deciding to climb to the top of the stalk, but it is only so the parasite can have a nice place to spore out from within the ant. The parasite is in control.

In the same way human hosts have their individual rationale for being fascist enslavers or upholding eloquent principles in being obedient and oblivious slaves to fascists, but the fact is the real reason people act dominant or submissive is a biological one. They are hosts, in a parasitic predicament more elaborate than that of the rat, the cat and toxoplasma gondii.

Toxoplasma gondii has been known to make old ladies lose it and lure young children to play catch in traffic. It can only reproduce in felines though and because of this, it tricks its host, to lose its most primal fear. In the case of the rat the fear is the cat or the smell of cat urine. People infected with toxoplasma gondii frequently take part in risky and destructive behavior, so that they die and the parasite is released, all according to parasite’s plan. Humans, sheep, bovines or whatever else becomes host to toxoplasma gondii are all affected in one way or another. Fungal dependent parasites, like toxoplasma gondii and like the fungal dependent flukes, increase the production of testosterone, and the bacterially infected hosts are drawn to that testosterone.

The human flukes are dependent on primates to reproduce, only unlike toxoplasma gondii they remain with their hosts indefinitely. The parasitic predicament, this dis-symbiosis of man, comes together in a way more intricate and complicated than perhaps any other system on the planet, of parasite with host, parasite with complimenting fungi or bacteria, the afflicted hosts acting out parasitic impulses among collectives and parasitic people fostering the parasites and restricting the cure to control collectives.

Because we never had access to proper medical education we do not know the specifics of the parasite’s lifecycle. The most important things to know about the affliction is that through it people control people and the cure is marijuana.

Exposure to fecal matter is the most common mode of transmission. Undercooked flesh is another. The specific life cycle, how long they live or how they reproduce is inconsequential. They make people unreasonably aggressive or inhumanly passive and people foster the parasitic predicament to control people. And the most practical cure is marijuana.

And yet there is a threat to man greater than parasitic behavior modification. The first affronting secret related to the survival of our species is the secret of climate change or global environmental destruction. The destruction is everywhere, worst though, in the atmosphere. The sun used to be a mellow golden color and now it appears whiter. This is due to atmospheric breakdown from the radioactive particulate of nuclear experimentation. The atmospheric turbulence and global warming is because of the increasing inability of the atmosphere to release heat due to radioactive pollution.

The global military industrial complex began a geoengineering experiment in attempts to restore the atmosphere in 1999 according to documents The Colonel was privy to. The degradation of the atmosphere is in part the result of the expulsion of chemicals and gasses into the atmosphere. Just as climate change is in part due to such burning and releasing of gasses. But the human activity primarily responsible for the degradation of the atmosphere and global warming is nuclear experimentation. The wave emitting particulate in the atmosphere is at the root of atmospheric destruction, now notable in the appearance of the sun.

The geoengineering project is a multifaceted operation. The main pronounced reason is to inject negatively charged particulate into the atmosphere to attract the positively charged radioactive particulate so in theory it then falls out of the atmosphere. The injection of particulate to reduce the problem of the atmospheric radioactivity causes global dimming and limits our capability to obtain vitamin D, as well as dosing people with radioactive fallout. Lacking vitamin D makes all beings more susceptible to sicknesses including the parasitic predicament.

The operation to fortify the atmosphere with negatively charged aluminum, barium and fluoride is the final futile act to salvage the unsustainable era of nuclear experimentation, the wave emitting particulate of which is destroying Earth’s atmosphere. Instead of announcement on the degradation of the atmosphere and instituting change, the global military industrial complex instituted the secret program to counteract the atmospheric degradation from nuclear experimentation.

The secret of the parasitic predicament and the occult who foster it is almost laughable compared to the secrets the Colonel was burdened with, beginning with the atmospheric degradation. The atmospheric degradation caused by radioactive particulate is just one of many threats spurred by nuclear experimentation. The real story of nuclear experimentation has never been told publicly, until now.

The U.S.A. gathered together some of the wildest scientific minds in history and eventually set off the first nuclear detonations. The first one was in New Mexico and then two more were dropped on Japan. The world war was won with a bang and world history was forever altered. The experiment was so dangerous, the forces so outrageous that the scientists debated on whether or not the detonation would set off a chain reaction igniting the atmosphere, killing all life on Earth.

The first nuclear detonation did not start a chain reaction setting the atmosphere afire. It did however start a chain reaction that began the atmospheric degradation we see today. The first nuclear experimentation detonation also set off another more dangerous chain reaction involving subjects and events very much beyond traditional human comprehension of science, nature and otherwise.

The first nuclear experimentation detonation occurred in the New Mexico desert basin, in the valley accurately named the Jornada del Muerte, meaning the route of the dead man. The code name for the first test was Trinity and the bomb itself was known simply as The Gadget. On July 16, 1945 man began the journey of death in secret. A couple weeks later, on August, 6 and 9 the most horrific nuclear experimentation yet took place, the bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then the whole world knew of the journey.

A few people survived both bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, having gone from one city to escape the other. Around 70,000 human spirits were instantly vanquished in Hiroshima and nearly that many in Nagasaki. But it’s impossible to tally an exact figure for most were instantly vanished, totally vaporized, atomized. Many more hundreds of thousands died as a result of burns, injuries and cancers from the bombings.

July 16, 1945 is a date that will live in infamy. July 16, 1945 is the day everything changed. The experiment opened Pandora’s Box and humanity set forth on the journey of the dead man. Incidentally there was a box set next to the first nuclear detonation in the New Mexico desert which supposedly contained a living being of some sort for a top secret experiment. Some say there was a demon inside it. Others say the explosion itself released the demon. The official story states there was sensitive testing equipment next to the detonation. There is no denying that allegorically a demon was released on the world, but the literal demon is an unsubstantiated rumor. Some called it the demon core which is often mixed up an accident-prone piece of plutonium called the demon core too. Some say the same name supposedly covered up the actual demonic experiment. Nuclear experimentation began in a stew of secrets, lies, omissions, whispers of evil, additions of conjured rumors, silenced science and a way to kill.

July, 16, 1945 initiated the nuclear experimentation era, the total war on terra. Since then thousands of nuclear bombs have been detonated; in the atmosphere, on the ground, underground, on the ocean and in the ocean. Each one of the detonations started chain reactions of physical entropy we are only beginning to understand. Now hundreds of nuclear experimentation reactors boil water to produce electricity, each requiring constant attention. The waste is so dangerous it can only be made into weapons or buried or blasted off to Jupiter or put in pools requiring attention for the next ten thousand generations. Tons of depleted uranium ammunition has been exploded to kill people and an unknown tonnage of radioactive waste is now enveloping the planet from standard releases and routine accidents. Nuclear experimentation is war on terra, war on humanity, on all living things.

J. Robert Oppenheimer was the most prominent scientist to work on the Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer opened Pandora’s Box. Coincidentally his last name comes from a region in Germany which eerily enough means open home. He opened the box and opened the door to our home. Incidentally he was a friend of the Rosenburgs, who gave nuclear technology to the Soviets. Oppenheimer famously quoted a passage from the Bhagavad after witnessing the fruition of his handiwork in New Mexico.

“We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed. A few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita. Vishnu is trying to persuade the prince that he should do his duty. And to impress him takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that.”

There is no going back after Pandora is released. Japan surrendered and would have surrendered after the first bombing if they were allowed to. The U.S.A. was proudly the world’s first super power because of nuclear experimentation. The detonations on Hiroshima and Nagasaki got the attention of the world. Ironically though, the top secret detonation in New Mexico already got the attention of the universe.

Nuclear detonations create a unique electromagnetic pulse as well as cause destruction traceable in radioactive particulate. There is the notable explosion, the electromagnetic pulse, the radioactive fallout and the detrimental atmospheric chain reactions due to introduction of the wave emitting particles, but there are also, according to Colonel Ryan J. Arlington, extra-dimensional chain reactions. The detonations crack the space-time continuum.

The detonation from the explosion in New Mexico sent a detectable wave with a unique signature effectively notifying the universe of a nuclear detonation. And each subsequent detonation was a ping across the sea of the universe which said, ‘We’re here. And we’re stupid.’ On July 16, 1945, the Trinity detonation pinged the sea of the space-time continuum.

The pings got the attention of most all intelligent life in the universe. Extraterrestrial beings soon arrived to Earth to investigate the nuclear experimentation detonations in our remote corner of the universe. Some were aware we were here prior and some only learned who was and where we were through the pings.

The Federation of intelligent bipedals were aware of us before the pings. And soon enough Federation representation contacted earthen leadership, but unbeknownst to either party, a rogue race outside the Federation, had clandestinely arrived to Earth before the Federation. July 16, 1945 was the beginning of modern times. And on July 17 postmodern decay began.

The Federation’s immediate concern was that nuclear experimentation be ceased. Their concern was for all life killed by the detonations. The Federation had equal concern for mouse and man alike. They informed the leadership that beings killed in such detonations are not just killed, their very spirit is obliterated, permanently dematerialized and atomized. The detonations physically destroy beings and places, crack the space-time continuum and most detrimentally, they incinerate spirits, the most ungodly act a being can do. The Federation revealed the true scope of the detonations and insisted the existence of spirit within all living beings from cockroach to Chihuahua. They further revealed the existence of god which is said to have greatly disturbed the politicians.

The Federation provided a myriad of reasons to discontinue nuclear experimentation, chief among being the destruction of the very ethereal essence. They informed the earthen leadership that the myth of Pandora’s Box is about nuclear experimentation. And that nuclear experimentation would result in eternal ostracism from the Federation, generational biological degradation and inevitable extinction.

The Federation knew about our legend of Pandora’s Box, they knew our languages and cultures and mythology. They knew the whole human story, every legend and every myth. They didn’t know about the last seven hundred years, but they knew our history.

They arrived in July, 1952 and went straight to Washington D.C. By then 37 detonations had taken place. The Federation visits to Washington D.C. that summer made national headlines. Videos, photographs and reports of their visits to Washington D.C. in 1952, number in the thousands. President Harry Truman himself addressed and denied the public questioning concerning extraterrestrials landing on the White house lawn.

The Federation gave the leaders information on the catastrophic results of opening Pandora’s Box and the history of humankind, which was much like our history on Earth, dotted by wars and regrettable acts. The heavily redacted history goes that a long time ago there was a great war between bipedals in the Andromeda System over a magical mineral. The rejuvenating mineral compound was thought to be in limited supply. And beings risked their existence for it. After realization there was plenty of the mineral, the war ended. And after investigations it was found humans instigated the conflict and hid where the mineral could be found in abundance, solely because we didn’t want a specific race to have the mineral. The newly formed Federation debated on the extermination of mankind for starting the war, but instead they genetically altered our mental capacity and then banished humans to remote prison planets. The reason people only use seven percent of our brain capacity is because of the genetically implemented mental deformity causing generational debilitation. Supposedly when humans first arrived to prison Earth people quarried stones and erected structures with simplistic devices powered by electromagnetics and the mind.

They knew about free energy technology, apparently considered simple invention among bipedals without the genetic mental hindrance. Free energy technology utilizes the electromagnetic Higgs Boson counter-wave to manipulate and transform gravity and consciousness. All subatomic particles behave as waves and only a very few, actually have weight, they are known as Higgs Boson particles. The counter-wave can make the dense malleable, the heavy light and transform darkness into light. But generations later we became incapable of understanding how to use the force.

The Federation informed the leadership that if we continued nuclear experimentation we would never be allowed free energy technology. Originally it was assumed the Federation meant it would restrict our access to free energy technology as a consequence, but the disruption of the space time continuum and electro-magnetosphere caused by nuclear experimentation is what prevents access to the unlimited energy through the otherwise smooth and malleable space-time continuum. Nuclear experimentation disrupts the space-time continuum in a way that makes the counter-wave practically inaccessible. Free energy is near impossible to create in the present electromagnetic conditions here on Earth.

There are other planets of mentally deformed humans, but only we have conducted nuclear experimentation. In fact, only a few other species in the whole universe have ever transformed their planet into a nuclear experiment and their fate is ours, deformity and extinction. No one in the universe is considered as stupid and violent as Earthlings. And at the same time, human humor is renowned throughout the universe. Even today, despite our mental deformity, our jokes are still considered some of the finest entertainment known. Beings now travel light years just to watch us.

Harry Truman, in true manly fashion, did not trust the Federation. After all, the aliens were critical of nuclear experimentation and of the obliteration of Japanese cities, the very act that made the U.S.A. the world’s super power. They told him to cease nuclear experimentation and make peace on the planet and in exchange they would offer membership into the Federation. Harry Truman took this to be a sly extraterrestrial plot and after winning World War II no one in the universe was going to tell the United States to disarm. Harry Truman didn’t believe one thing they said, not after what happened at Roswell and elsewhere.

The Federation insisted if there was peace on Earth, if nuclear experimentation was ceased, they would provide free energy technology, interplanetary travel technology and systems of planetary defense from rogue races. The Federation did not know that one of those rogue races was already here. The race we know as the Greys were the first race to detect the signature atomic ping from Earth and the first to arrive here. The Earthen leadership was suspicious of the Federation because of their experiences with the Greys.

The Greys possess all the technology the Federation does, but they’re rogues and operate outside the Federation law. And when it comes to detection of nuclear experimentation the Greys possess technology superior to that of Federation. In fact there is no race which understands nuclear experimentation better than the Greys and consequently no race more negatively altered by it. The Greys learned more about nuclear experimentation than any other race in the universe and in the process destroyed their home planet as well as their genetic viability. They are a dying race.

The Greys completed their journey to Earth in 1947. A scout ship crashed in Roswell, New Mexico that summer, a hop skip and jump away from the Trinity test site. The crash landing ended in a confrontation between the Greys and man. The events at Roswell and other provocative actions made Harry Truman distrust the Federation.

The Greys were aware of our history, but only learned of our location when we pinged the cosmos. The Greys were banished from the Federation for opening Pandora’s Box thousands of years ago, in another portion of space. Ultimately they had to evacuate their home planet because of failed nuclear experimentation. The Greys are highly intelligent, but their ardent theology states they are God’s chosen bipedal. They simply believed they could not be harmed by nuclear experimentation because they were the chosen bipedal.

The Greys were a dying race. They had been traversing the universe seeking an unclaimed and habitable planet and the DNA and RNA of a suitable race to use to reconstitute their genetic viability. The Gadget went off just in time for them to find us, a whole planet of near unaltered genetics.

After the Greys became aware of the Federation they made their own friendly introduction and deal with certain groups in order to subvert the Federation. In exchange for technology, not including free energy or interplanetary travel technology, the Greys were allowed to harvest people for their DNA and RNA. The missing persons of the world may very well have ended up kidnapped by Greys.

Eventually the Federation became aware of the Greys and informed the Earth governments of the trickery. The Greys subverted the efforts of the Federation to stop human nuclear experimentation, because they want us to destroy ourselves. They wanted our genes, and now they want Earth. And if humans are no longer genetically viable, under Federation law, the Greys could have Earth. And the only way we could lose our genetic viability is through nuclear experimentation failure.

Earth powers continued nuclear experimentation, believing we were tapping into the power of the sun. The Greys are now just waiting for nuclear experimentation to eliminate our biological viability, at which time, the Federation would consider the prison planet a failure, whereupon they would be shed of responsibility and the Greys could takeover.

The Greys have infiltrated society and implemented the nuclear experimentation industry as it is today, to kill us. Nuclear experimentation is perfect madness and has exposed us to a mad, mad universe. The policy shared by the world’s super powers of nuclear armament toward deterrence of war is just one aspect of the madness. This process is known as MAD, mutually assured destruction. It’s the idea that we deter war through the capability of destroying the planet. The Greys have an agenda to kill Earthlings and have infiltrated the upper echelons of every relevant institution to do so beginning in 1952. They’ve been pushing war and nuclear experimentation since, so we kill ourselves and the Federation leaves Earth to them.

The have hybrids of grey skinned men and even though they might only be a few years old they appear as if in they are octogenarians. They are appear Grey pale, aged, and they are extremely intelligent though lack emotion and any sense of humor. They typically are named Frank, Moe, Beaver or Elmo or some other name they picked up from 1950’s Americana.

The Federation is monitoring the situation. Their often visit nuclear experimentation facilities routinely shutting down missile systems and taking out launched, unarmed ICBMs with their ships like a collie tracking down a Frisbee. Colonel Ryan J. Arlington watched a UFO, likely Federation he would later learn, zap a laser at a missile facility and disable the guidance systems of multiple missiles, three nights in a row.

The Federation can legally do no more than monitor the situation. They cannot force their will on prisoners, they have to protect the prisoners -until they are no longer genetically viable, and they are required to prevent nuclear experimentation throughout the universe so as to preserve spirit and assure the space-time continuum doesn’t crack apart resulting in a theorized excruciating implosion of the universe or Big Ping.

The Federation is capable of disabling missiles from being fired and destroying them after they are launched, but even the Federation can’t cease the ongoing reactions at the nuclear power generation experiments. The Federation legal conundrum has resulted in a waiting game. The Federation considers Earthlings and Greys as rogue races in a battle over Earth. Only Earthlings are mostly unaware of the battle. The Federation considered freeing us from our genetically implemented earthly binds, but we were distrustful and conniving and we couldn’t stop nuclear experimentation, unconsciously believing that perhaps, we too, were so liked by god, that we could defy the consequences of nuclear experimentation.

Earth could have been the first human planet allowed into the Federation, we could have been a human voice, but we proved unready. The Greys reached our solar system a dying race. They disappeared thousands of people over the decades and utilized our genetics to revitalize their altered chromosomes. And now they want Earth. The Federation is stuck in a legal conundrum unable to assist us, unable to force us to cease nuclear experimentation and required to prevent detonations.

We’ve been invaded. Practically every major institution has been compromised to some extent or another and the nuclear experimentation industry has been almost totally compromised by the Grey hybrids, for many institutions can control us, but nuclear experimentation can kill us.

The nuclear experimentation industry is saturated with Grey hybrids to set up our most certain MAD. The best way for the Greys to cease humanity’s biological success is to release radioactive particulate. All they have to do is promote nuclear experimentation and make sure people allowed it to continue, for eventually it will fail and they will win Earth.

The nuclear experiment is out of control. Nothing is as it was. Rising cancer rates are the first sign of the nuclear experimentation gone awry. It will next cause corresponding declining birth rates. Tobacco was at one time safe when used in moderation. It was sacred to the American Indians and beneficial when smoked with sage as they did. Now tobacco grown outside is dusted with so many radioactive particles, it’s deadly. It is an out of control experiment, a Pandora.

Nuclear experimentation has degraded all life since 1945. It produces such persistent toxins as to be cancerous for generations, making future generations less intelligent, less attractive and less biologically successful. Its waste is cancerous, negatively alters genetics and some of the elements, like Krypton 85 can result in global drought. Radioactive particles emit heat for thousands of years and are now dispersed globally in all strata reducing the atmosphere’s ability to release heat and increasing the likelihood of volatile holes in the ozone and the new norm of powerful storms.

The secrets concerning the increase in cancer, decline in birthrates, global warming, drought, the parasitic predicament and the occult who cultivate it, our shackled mental capacity, the fact underground bases exist all over the world partly as contingency plans in case of nuclear devastation are all insignificant next to the takeover. It is humans versus Greys. And the only way to win is to cease nuclear experimentation. And the only way to do that is to become conscious of the problem. The only way to become conscious at all is by eliminating the parasites by smoking copious amounts of marijuana, preferably marijuana grown indoors to minimalize ingestion of radioactive particulate.

Only when we cease nuclear experimentation will the Federation consider siding with humanity. And only when we cease nuclear experimentation will the Greys leave. Until nuclear experimentation ceases, until marijuana is freely distributed, we will take action to shut down all nuclear experimentation. If nuclear experimentation is not ceased there will be another Hiroshima and there will be another Fukushima.

The likelihood of multiple nuclear experiment failures is low, currently. However Colonel Ryan J. Arlington is privy to information on a huge massive object or HMO. The HMO is expected to careen through the solar system and when it does the object may cause the oceans to rise variously by twenty feet or more, which would be minor all things considered, except for the nuclear power plants on the coasts. The HMO could also cause a solar flare on a scale that might burn half the planet and could set off a series strong earthquakes. And yet it only takes a minute act of god to result in nuclear catastrophe. If the sea level rises just five feet, savage nuclear experimentation industrial death is possible. Even if the HMO only causes sporadic flooding and earthquakes failure of nuclear experimentation is highly likely. Stop nuclear experimentation or we will stop it. Stop all nuclear experimentation or it will stop us all.

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