Minami-ke Tadaima Episode 5 Discussion

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Minami-ke Tadaima Episode 5 Discussion

Post  yumekichi11 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:44 am

About the beginning, was quite fan service interesting in terms of Chiaki revealing a little there with a loose swimsuit. Quite fun little family life.

About the chilled noodles, I FACE-PALMED over 5 times at WTF is not Fujioka just going with the flow and ask Kana herself to go with her or one of her friends? Well it took quite the extortion from Akira. It looks from Akira’s point that just cause Fujioka is the ACE of soccer that his kicks would land on him due to Akira failing his expectations.

Well in thee end the girls really did think he was getting into a fight with Akira. Keiko and Riko got SUPER MOE at their reactions towards Fujioka. At least the shock came from Kana’s point in terms she asked herself if Fujioka wants to come sadly Keiko tried to ask but failed.

About Kana’s point, According to Kana school life is about setting delinquents straight. Right Kana, that’s not what was to be expected. Now that was quite ROFL!

About the new foods of Chiaki, put it this way Bacon toast pizza style with extra cheese and potato chips WTF AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Now that is crazy food! ALL ABOARD ZANTAC LAND! Don’t forget it less your have stomach aches after this.

About something of Kana’s bad habits, Do not feed Kana before work. She will never make it. She fall asleep and before you know FIRED! EXACTLY! Kana eats and sleeps right after. ALSO! Eating + sleeping right after = TO GAINING FAT! BAD FOR YOU!

That’s why eating + 1 hour break + gym 30 minutes later = to eating better later anyway. So Kana needs GYM BABY!

About Haruka’s swimsuit shopping, Haruka is impressed that Atsuko exposes her breasts more than meets her expectation string wise. She was indeed going after to look for another one that is perhaps more daring? Get the string only one Haruka. All guys like your breasts and wants to suck them really hard! ROFL!

About Fujioka’s game plans, Fujioka should have aimed at the beach/sleep over more than family restaurant whom could be a possible reference to Working. Regardless Fujioka had a marvellous zoom in, facial expressions and general attitude for the game.

About the fireworks, got to admit loads of MOE from Kana, Keiko and Riko. Fujioka FINALLY GOT KANA’S HAND! Sadly just to get the money but still good excuse IMO.

In thee end Fujioka was happy and so am I for mainly being a sports in going to store to get something to light the fireworks.

About the preview, looks like it’s time to see more skin from the girls. Hopefully the comedy will be better than the Eros.

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