Little Busters! Episode 17 Discussion

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Little Busters! Episode 17 Discussion

Post  yumekichi11 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:12 pm

Well the beginning was certainly OVER THE TOP DRAMA but I was more fond of the aftermath and in how all helped Haruka out by PEPPING HER UP. Indeed one should prove useful to others more than anything. Rejecting yourself only leads to nothing of help to anyone.

About Haruka/Kanata’s past, When you think about it Haruka and Kanata being made of the sperms of 2 guys having had sex with 1 women. Makes you kind of puke in disgust. The devil and evil is strong in cursing the very life of God is the general religious notion here. Certainly Kanata and Haruka would live in shame if told to many people of their birth while the opposite might pity them. I ON THE ONE HAND WILL NEVER ACCEPT SUCH CONDUCT! One girl and one man. That’s it and all. More and shit happens as you know.

That of Haruka’s father being violent and trying to kill! How can even males touch a girl that just had sex with another male. Ideally they should be left together. This practice is WRONG! It was horrible and disgusting to learn of such practice being done IRL.

About how the twins were evaluated, So the 2 were judged based on their IQ cause if one is stupid, one tends to make stupid mistakes of the calibre of crime? WRONG AGAIN! That’s a FAD. Even smart people make crimes and even worse. So I can’t agree with this method at all.

About Haruka, well Haruka is best at cooking egg only foods. However that is wrong cause from the looks of it Kanata might be too. However what is really sad of Haruka’s Fate is the following,
TOGETHER SPELLS MENTAL DOOM! Haruka’s worst shit to deal with is: English et al.[83] report that children whose families are characterized by interpersonal violence, including psychological aggression and verbal aggression, may exhibit a range of serious disorders, including chronic depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, dissociation and anger. Additionally, English et al. report that the impact of emotional abuse "did not differ significantly" from that of physical abuse. Johnson et al.[84] report that, in a survey of female patients (n = 825), 24% suffered emotional abuse, and this group experienced higher rates of gynaecological problems. In their study of men emotionally abused by a wife/partner (n = 116), Hines and Malley-Morrison[85] report that victims exhibit high rates of post traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism. With figures like these Haruka is a mess TBH. It will be very hard as she never got therapy. She always mistreated.

Little Busters in thee end really save herself from a lot.

About Saigusa Shou, well Saigusa Shou became violent and arrested for attempted murder. Now in knowing that at most he got 8 to 10 years. I suspect the Futaki family MANIPULATING the judge and system to GET THE MAX SENTENCE with minimal reduction. OBVIOUSLY!

However I did like Shou’s reaction. Guy WTF AT DRINKING IN PUBLIC! WTF @ BEING LIKE THIS TO HARUKA whom you did not see in a while. WTF in general at the shitty ass throwing of the bottle and making Haruka suffer more. Seriously the guy is out of it. I can only see him SUICIDE. He failed a lot.

About Kanata’s theorem, Zero-sum game theorem, when one person is not happy there is one that is happy. When one loses that happiness another gets it and the person having lost that happiness is now unhappy till happiness finds them again or not. Such a dilemma of proportions of balancing act.

General mental aspect is that when the one that is unhappy thinks others are happy is when those how they are happy are really unhappy. A mind game of balancing out world yin yang MISH MASH notions of peculiar interest to the notion of happiness itself.

It is in that aspect that Kanata impresses a lot in her thinking of happiness in a philosophical CHAOS QUANTIFICATION.

About the slap, I say FUCK YOU OLD BITCH SHIT that did the slap! RESPECT YOUR HEIR BITCH! DON’T SLAP LIKE A LOOSE OLD CUNT! Yeah that’s it. And I KNOW MY ALL READERS WILL AGREE WITH THIS! I KNOW BECAUSE I BELIEVE that respect is due to a heir shouldering loads of shit to do cause of a old bitch ass family tradition.

About thee end, OH SHIT! KANATA DISGUISE AS HARUKA! OH SHIT! She even trolls Haruka that she likes Rikki? Well it could be true from how she recognized last night that he gives out help more than anything else with no expectations to want of that person or their goal. Only to help them out. So Kanata kind might have fallen in love with Rikki! THE SHINY EYES ARE THE HINT! Still WTF at the disguise to piss off Haruka and troll her. Wow! And of all things it was HARUKA’S FAULT that she got beaten up for not being on expectations of the family’s curriculum and not be chosen. Moreover getting at Kanata for the beatings THAT WERE NOT HER FAULT but of the family. If anything Haruka should GOTTEN A GUN or DO SHIT to the family that beat her up!

It’s totally WRONG to have been shit to Kanata cause she never was in the first place to Haruka. Only when the family asked her to be.

About the preview and conclusion, the next episode will most likely conclude however I wish for the following,

THAT’S ALL! It’s best like that.

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