It’s with sadness and tears I bring you the news that Fidel Castron has passed away!

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It’s with sadness and tears I bring you the news that Fidel Castron has passed away!

Post  yumekichi11 on Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:37 pm

Dear Teacher Sir Ivan and fellow students it’s here:
And here:
That I present you a most tearful moment that Fidel Castro died. At the time of 10:26 pm yesterday 25th November 2016 A FLAME OF RESISTANCE faded. A fire that burned against the coups that many fell to and in particular the recent documentary about Gaddafi was a good show of how such coups can be deadly to good leaders. NOT FIDEL! He repelled them all and in particular that of the “Bay of Pigs” incident.

Dear fellow students tears ought to be shed for this man that despite the negative output of the many about him, he still gave it all to his people to have it the best he was able to give them!

As a creative writer, I enounce this speech in full force for Mister Fidel Castro and to show to the many that this classmate of yours feels deeply sadden to see such a flame go down at the age of 90. A pity Mister Castro was not able to meet with Trump despite the negative outlash Mister Trump showed towards him with his tweets.

That being said let Mister Fidel Castro be “THE BEST EXAMPLE” for the many leaders aspiring to be like him; that of a leader wanting the best for his people and that is able to outsmart all plans of powerhouses like the C.I.A. in overthrowing him or her. What a Face What a Face What a Face

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