Tamako Market Episode 5 Discussion Now with GIFs and Image Stitches to suit all needs.

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Tamako Market Episode 5 Discussion Now with GIFs and Image Stitches to suit all needs.

Post  yumekichi11 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:53 pm

This episode of Tamako market tend to explore not only service light pool FADs but also managed to put in life itself notions and fun. Along with LOVE! That is of Mochizou towards Tamako herself.

About the appeals I liked, the first one is Tamako in the following,

Along with the variances in the spoiler
of seeing Tamako MOE with her swimsuit. A nice combination of MOE and sexy there.

Seeing Mochizou in the following,

Was hilarious. THIS IS GOLD COMEDY! It does not get better than seeing Dera being treated like a basketball. Hilarious really.

Tamako in the following,

Along with the spoiler
IS THE BEST PART in seeing breast shapes and size along with the figures of the 2 girls in their swimsuits. You can see at best their asses and breasts there for what the studio offers up.

Finally I find Tamako in the spoiler
along with the following,

To be VERY MOE THERE! Quite possibly the best of Tamako in the episode.

About Midori, she was quite enchanting in this episode. First of all with the following,

Along the variances in the spoiler
this is quite a FAD used the whole tree peeking but I find it suits nicely Midori there for what her character is.

While I admit when she was SHANKING Mochizou in the following,

Along with the spoiler
it was quite fun to see her like that and her moves there. Whom the GIFs show quite well.

Midori in the following,

Was really well shown in terms of decor and face off.

BEST OF MIDORI is the following,

along with the spoiler
THAT EYE AND TONGUE SHOW! Quite the feature and this proves she really wants to protect Tamako from love and the hurt of it.

About Mochizou, I find in the following,

He is rather well shown to girls and that this is nice service for girls of him. Tamako sure has a nice body there for her.

About Dera, quite interesting for a chicken pose in the following,

However DERA IS WRONG! This is only good for animals to show their affections not humans. However it was funny.

CHICKEN VS CAT in the following,

Was hilarious and the GAG is GOLD! When you think about this:
1st opponent is cat
2nd is seagull
3rd is dog
POOR DERA THERE! So much enemies and the worst is that Seagull told me: I DON’T LIKE DERA’S FACE! Easily from how he looked at Dera. BEST PART! The dog in thee end was funny too but it looked to me like he wanted to play around.

About the setting, in the following,

It shows rather well that TAMAKO MARKET continues to EXCEL IN NICE VIEWS.

About the loli versions, quite enticing in the following,

One of the best in showing Tamako in loli format.

About the service, for what it’s worth in the following spoiler
it’s quite enchanting to the many of her.

About Tamako, one of the things TO LEARN OF HER is that she is like Eru in terms of thinking of Mochizou and love. She does not care about the love from how she invited Mochizou over to the pool. So that’s a good key point.

Tamako was great seeing during the fireworks and the light was good. However I find her along with the girls in the following

Along with the spoiler
to be MOST MOE! That thumbs up was COOL MAN!

About thee end, well the episode did show that Tamako does learn of swimming about 25 meters. We do know that Midori is WAY OVER protective till thee end of the episode and her realizing that her ways would not amount to anything. Most of all Dera/Mochizou development and THEY DO rather amount to being funny together.

However Dera’s love tips only seem to apply for himself. We also know he is CHICKEN SHIT like his own self towards fighting against other animals.

IMO the only way MOCHIZOU WILL EVER LOVE TAMAKO IS FORCED KISS! In public or in private IT DOES NOT MATTER! What matters is Tamako in waking up from NORMAL LIFE to love from Mochizou should it happen. Will Mochizou's love ever make it to Tamako? TO SEE!

BTW Image dump in the spoiler
PURPOSE is to show the different shots that went by too fast OR PEOPLE MISSED OUT! This serves them very well! LOTS OF HARD WORK! Patience and timing of taking the pics.


1st opponent is cat
2nd is seagull
3rd is dog

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